South Coast Port Services are a Labour Provider for our customers across the port of Southampton. Once we receive a labour request, we will assign workers from our part time register to that job based on the induvial availability.

Terminal Operations London Gateway

REF: Season 2023

The work is flexible based on the days the ships are coming into port or leaving the port. South Coast Port Services (SCPS) are currently seeking to recruit a dedicated High and Heavy Team of Lashers to be based in the Port of Southampton providing a lashing service to our customers across the south coast.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work part time or on an adhoc basis as well as students who want to work weekends or anyone wanting to top up their earnings with a second income. Everyone is welcome to apply.

All new starters will be provided with:

  • The required PPE.
  • HR / Health and Safety InductionManual Handling Training
  • Tour of the Port for familiarization Training.

Salary: £10.22 -£13.65 per hour


  • Flexible Working to suit. Weekdays and / or weekends, Shifts 8 – 10 hours.
  • On-site free parking
  • Holiday paid as you work in an uplift to hourly rate.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in working within the Port Industry. and we welcome all applicants to apply. A age restriction of 18 is required for this job role due to Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1974.

The job is to secure high and heavy cargo on board vessels before the vessel goes out to sea, or, to unfasten lashed cargo ready to be transported from the vessel to the Port. This can include machinery, large vehicles, yachts, and other such un-containerised cargo.

The method of working includes the use lashing bars and heavy duty chains, lashing straps and any other tools provided to carry out the task and can include heavy lifting.

This is a physically demanding job role, where all operatives work in a safety critical environment. Health and Safety is of paramount importance as well as a quality of service to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Essential Job Requirements:

  • Able to lift heavy equipment.
  • Able to work at height.
  • Comfortable to work 12 hour shifts Day or Night.
  • Willingness to work weekends.
  • Willing to work in other areas of the Port and carry out alternative duties when there is no requirement for high and heavy lashing work.
  • Ability to work as part of a team

Desirable Job Requirements:

Valid full Driving Licence or taking driving lessons. This is not an essential requirement for for this particular job but will help for future development opportunities that may arise in other areas of working in the port.